Good | Mood | Food

Stir is an award-winning social enterprise café in the heart of Woolwich. It started life as part of the Recovery College, a groundbreaking initiative from Bridge Support, a charity dedicated to outreach in Mental Health.

Set up to provide real life experience for students of the Recovery College, it also provides an answer to that age old conundrum – how do I get experience in order to get a job if I can’t get a job to get that experience in the first place.

Over 1,000 students have passed through the doors of the Recovery College and although hospitality is just one course on offer, a dozen students in the last year have gone on to get jobs in the hospitality industry.

The Recovery College also has an allotment and every week the students go down to check on their efforts and bring the fruits of that labour back to Stir so that Stir can incorporate them into their dishes.

All dishes on the menu at Stir are cooked from scratch using as much locally sourced produce as possible and at a very reasonable price point.

Our motto is Good | Mood | Food which is at the heart of our project – eating and being well.
Stir aims to put on more events that engage the local community, educate and inspire, please sign up here to learn more.


The Recovery College found a new home in Anglesea Road and as a natural progression, The Recovery Café was born.


We became a stand alone social enterprise and renamed ourselves Stir. New name but same principles.


We had a complete redesign, a whole new team and a new menu. We are now open on the weekends too!